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Frequently Asked Questions of ownership in Turkey 1

Are there any restrictions on foreigners to buy property in Turkey?
Is ONLY in military areas and rural areas. No restrictions for properties on our homepage

Do you own property free or rented property?
Yes, all real estate is freehold

Any type of documents required?
Passport will be copied and translated into Turkish in addition to personal photos passport size. The Office of notary acts in cooperation with the Office of the military. To be checked all the documents compiled by the military to ensure there is no record of criminal intent or activity against Turkey, and that any of the properties that have been purchased by foreign is not within or near a military zone or be intended to buy it used for military purposes

What are the additional costs with respect to the purchase of my property?
You will have to pay purchase tax, stamp duties and legal fees and wealth tax

Is Turkey in a wide range of banks and whether they are English speaking?
There are a lot of banks, where English-speaking. And, it is not difficult to open a bank account, and moreover you can open accounts in Turkish and other

Is it necessary to pay taxes both in Turkey and my original?

No, because Turkey is a signatory to the treaty to prevent double taxation with many countries in the world

What is climate?
Turkey has seasons with nearly 300 days of sunshine on the Mediterranean coast. In winter, there are temperatures on the southern coast range 5-15 ° C, and in the spring warms to 25 Celsius. Summer is usually hot and dry from May to September and peaking up to 37 degrees, cooling again to fall back toward down to 25-15 degrees

What kind of facilities there on the evolution of the model?
Due to the weather pleasant in the summer, swimming is the most important Vhod previous demand. There are also real estate in which there are tennis courts, fitness centers, and Turkish baths, saunas, and easy access to golf courses

Why should I have to pay fees compound?
It depends on the property. Consult with a lawyer about this topic

Are there any current taxes?
. However, they are relatively low, a state property tax and environmental taxes and wealth taxes

Why pay for energy and water supply if the main residential is not in Turkey?
Payment via a private bank where he easiest way to do this. Will help you in advance by obtaining a tax number and create a bank account in your name. And all water bills, etc., to be paid directly to the municipality



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