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shopping center in Antalya

Shopping With beautiful malls in the capital of tourism Antalya, Turkish

You can enjoy with most beautiful shopping malls and markets that deployed in large numbers in the most beautiful sites in the most beautiful cities in Turkey, Antalya is considered one of the most Turkish cities that attract tourists every year from all corners of the earth, Prompting the Turkish government to be considered an important tourist resource contributed to achieving significant increases in tourism revenues to Turkey, this in turn led to attract a lot of investment into this city, which extends over a wide green area which combines the Taurus Mountains, hills and plains related with the Mediterranean coast.

Many large commercial malls spread in Antalya that combine marketing, leisure , cultural and social areas all in one place, except for commercial markets scattered over large areas, and that the most important markets Kalitci stationed in the heart of Antalya, which known beautiful Turkish Pajuaha, Where shops, restaurants, and cafes on the edge of the Mediterranean coast, as well as musical youth teams deployed in these markets and artists who specialize in classic, Fine and caricature Arts, In addition to the spread of Turkish handicrafts that have been developed to represent the history of the Turkish Ottoman Empire, All of this gives the visitor a sense of comfort and purity make him don’t forget this wonderful place, Throughout this market also exist the ancient city of Antalya with its markets , commercial shops , the old alleys , hotels high-end, and its buildings, which maintained its history where it was restored without  affect on  the value of archeological, all of this sits on a high rocky beach is connected with the Mediterranean Sea, As for  swimming places it has been invested in fabulous views of the magnificence of the beauty.

As for the malls, we will mention the most important where it spread in large numbers incalculable:

The most important and most well known and largest investigation of returns is Migros Mall , Located in the Konyaaltı area of Antalya, 200 meters from Konyaalti Antalya global blue mark beach,  this mall contributed to attract millions of foreign and local tourists to Antalya, Migros Mall was founded in 2001, this mall has contributed to raising the investment forgot and  international competitive, it includes the largest hypermarket 5M and hundreds of global brands as well as Turkish frontrunners brands, It also covers the needs of the neighboring cities such as Isparta Boudru and even Konya, This mall is subject to ECE Turkey, the European market leader in the shopping center sector.

The second-largest mall IS Ozdilk Park Antalya Mall, Fun is the title of the second-largest shopping malls in Antalya, Turkey, was built in 2009 and is most important cultural tourism marketing mall in Turkey, which helped to increase the growth  of population significantly in the Kepez region Antalya Turkey, Where is its proximity to the Antalya city center and the international airport of Antalya the most important advantages of this project, as well as its proximity to the University of Antalya make this mall a crowded shopping mall, It attracts all social and economic groups in Antalya, Turkey.

This Antalya mall was built on 38 752 m2 prominent architectural landmarks, to include 114 investment company and hundreds of Turkish and international brands, In addition to entertainment centers, sports and educational activities and large known Turkish and international restaurants and cafes.

Customer satisfaction is the most important point that departments of Ozdilk Antalya Center working on with ISO 9000 quality certificate obtained by this huge commercial center  in the heart of Antalya, the tourism capital of Turkish.


And also  malls which have numerous awards largest is Terracity_Antalya mall,  it is the largest and most recently in the city of Antalya  located in Lara Antalya region is also just 200 meters  from the Lara Beach Antalya, combines hundreds of international and Turkish brands, It represents a most sophisticated and attractive lifestyle in Antalya, featuring many international brands such as ZARA, MASSIMO DUTTI, DOUGLAS, HUGO BOSS,STADIVARIUS,PULL^BEAR. APPS STORE, MACRO CENTER, and many, many other activities and brands, it is also subject to ECE Turkey, the European market leader in the shopping center sector.

And the huge and known malls which are difficult to explain are S'hemall, Laura mall, Deepo Outlet mall, Retail Park mall, Antalya Kipa mall, Alanyum mall, Real mall, CarrefourSA Lara / G-Mall, and Mark Antalya.

Apart from the large number of tourist places which is famous  city of Antalya, the tourist capital of Turkey .



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