• 28 Apr 2021
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  • Turkey
  • 1728
Ancient City of Phaselis in Antalya

Phaselis is a coastal city with a rich history,  and the best option for those who enjoy exploring the history of Kemer and Antalya in Turkey .

Phaselis was founded by the Rhodians BC, and Alexander the Macedonian spent a long time there due to its charming nature.

Therefore,  Phaselis attracts huge number of tourists annually, as it has three different ports , ancient Greek and Roman archaeological sites, as well as other ruins such as historical theater, waterways, agora and baths.

 Moreover, it also contains many remnants of ancient temples, and is close to the famous tourist attractions in Antalya.

 Pahselis is the city that combines sea view and history, as you can swim among the ancient ruins. 



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