Turkish Passport Fees

The Turkish government and the Personal Status Department have divided the Turkish passport fees as follows:

Passport fees:

There are variety of options for the validity of the passport that a Turkish citizen can determine according to his need, and the fees are calculated according to the validity period of the passport as follows:

The validity period of the passport and the cost 

6 months    170 TL

One year     249 TL

Two years    405 TL

3 years          575 TL

4 - 10 years  811 TL

The Cost of the Passport Book:

The Turkish passport applicant is required to pay an amount of 133 TL for the passport book, and  this value of cost increases every year, according to the Turkish tax law.

Additional costs:

It means the costs of the documents and photos required for submission, and generally it does not exceed 100 TL.

Totally, obtaining a Turkish passport valid for 10 years costs about 1000 TL.



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