Turkish Passport Types

Turkish passports are four kinds, depending on a specific category of people, and these types are:

Red or Public Passport:

In Turkish Umuma Mahsus Pasaport, meaning a passport intended for the public, this kind of passports consists  of 60 pages and is valid for 10 years or less. Furthermore,  the red passport is granted to those who are entitled to the passport in general and ordinary citizens who are not employed in a government department,  not diplomats, do not hold a military rank. Also it is given to foreigners who recently obtained Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property worth 250 thousand USD.

Green or Special Passport:

In Turkish Hususi Pasaport or the Green Passport as it is called by public. It consists of 52 pages. This type of passport is given to retired members of the Turkish parliament, ministers, state employees who are at still working or retired from them, also for retirees from Inspection Organization and banking regulation in addition to their wives .

Black or Diplomatic Passport:

In Turkish Diplomatik Pasaport or the black passport in general, this passport is given to diplomats, judges, members of the Turkish parliament, members of the judiciary from the president of the court and prosecutors, generals of the Turkish army, governors, mayors, in addition to their wives and children.

Service or Gray Passport:

Hizmet Pasaport in Turkish or the gray passport and it consists of 28 pages,. This kind is given to those who did not grant a black or green passport from state employees at homeland and abroad, and it is also given to employees in international organizations in which Turkey is a member such as the Red Crescent, in addition to their wives, and their sons and daughters under 25.



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