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Tourist Attractions in Antalya City

Antalya hosts millions of foreign and domestic tourists hroughout the year.

Thanks to  its charming nature, ancient historical places and beautiful coastlines, Antalya attracts tourists from all around the world, especially Russian tourists, and provides various options for their vacation.

Places to spend vacation in Antalya:

1- Antalya city center:

The city of Antalya undoubtedly is the first place, as it is one of the rare cities in which a visitor can swim in the sea,  it is usual to see someone at noon break with his towel and out for a swim.

Antalya city center is also decorated with old and archaeological houses , restaurants, and its ancient streets.

2- Olympus:

The amazing place that all tourists are recommended to visit in Antalya because of its picturesque nature, fresh air and beautiful beach. In recent years, the importance of the area has increased after it became a favorite place for camping by university students.

3- Kemer:

"Kemer" district  is located 42 km southwest Antalya, away from the hustle and bustle of cities . Kemer contains many tourist facilities such as restaurants and hotels, each of which provides the best good level of service. Moreover, the sea in sea in Kemer, is pure, and landscapes surround .

4- Alanya:

Alanya is an important historical and touristic region, with its coastline of nearly 100 km long and the sea, it also contains restaurants, cafes and resorts that meet all needs.

5- Side:

Side is one of the ancient tourist centers because of its historical monuments such as the Bath of Rome and the Lady Museum, which displays the originality and heritage of the state of Antalya.



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