Mr. Abu Haidar was pleased to buy his apartment in Antalya from Turkeydar company, a souvenir photo of Mr. Abu Haidar with the Turkeydar Real Estate team in Antalya, Turkey.

Mr. Abu Haidar From Iraq

Mr. Uday and his wife were happy to buy an apartment in Turkey through Turkeydar company, a souvenir photo with Turkeydar company team upon receiving the title deed for their apartment in Antalya

Mr. Uday And His Wife From Iraq

Mr. Basem Heles, the Palestinian Consul in Erbil, was so glad to deal with Turkeydar and invest properties in Turkey through Turkeydar Company. A souvenir photo brings together Mr. Basem and Mr. Alaa, the director of Turkeydar.

Mr. Basem heles The Consul of Palestine in Erbil

Dr. Sabah AlSafar and Eng. Mahmoud AlKhoja from Iraq, Baghdad were happy to buy their properties in Antalya by Turkeydar. A souvenir photo during a tour with the director of the company within the city of Antalya.

Dr. Sabah Alsafar And Eng. Mahmoud Ahlkhoja from Iraq

Dr. Khaled was so glad after purchasing his apartment in Turkey and obtaining residency with his wife, by Tureydar.

Dr. Khaled and His Wife

Mr. Osama and Mr. Abdul Rahman from Jeddah were so glad after purchasing their apartments in Konyaalti, Antalya and they had good time with the Turkeydar director.

Mr. Osama and Mr. Abdul Rahman Abu Jabal From Saudi Arabia

Mr. Ahmad Nabil from Egypt is glad to own an apartment within the Orion compound in Konyaalti, Antalya in a photo with the director of Turkeydar

Eng. Ahmad Nabil From Egypt

Mr. Alaa Awad is glad to deal with Turkeydar Real Estate during a meeting on the same day of buying his apartment in Antalya with the director of Turkeydar

Mr Alaa Awad From Iraq

Mr. Mazhar and Mr. Mukhled at Antalya Tabu Center during their receipt of title deed when purchasing their apartment in Antalya 

Mr. Mazhar and Mr. Mukhled

Thanks letter from Dr. Ali from Iraq, he says: I am grateful to deal with Turkeydar as they  helped me to buy my apartment in the city of Antalya, and implementing all the procedures with all the facilities in all matters relating to purchase and other transactions. for the good and honest treatment we have received. May God bless you. Dr. Ali from Iraq.

Dr. Ali From Iraq

Thanks letter from Eng. Dilshad from Iraq: I am Eng. Dilshad from Iraq. I thank and appreciate the staff of Turkeydar Company for their services to facilitate the purchase transaction, provide transportation, provide accommodition in the finest hotels, complete water and electricity transactions, and furnish the apartment.

Eng. Dilshad from Iraq