• 20 Apr 2021
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Steps to Obtain (Covid-19) Vaccine For Foreigners in Turkey

The Turkish Ministry of Health has announced recently registration steps to get an appointment to receive the Covid-19 vaccine for foreigners in Turkey, here we summarized them for you as follows:

First: Ensure of vaccine's statement, as the Turkish Ministry of Health has identified certain categories to get priority in receiving the vaccine according to the recommendations of the Turkish Scientific Committee, according to a guide prepared by the Ministry of Health within specific principles, and the status of the vaccine is verified through the application of "e_Nabız" after Logging in filling the required information.

The appointment is also confirmed by sending an SMS to the number 2023, the message must include the word “ASI” - space - national number - space - the last four digits of the identification number (Kimlik Seri Numarası) - then send it.

After that, a date is set to receive the vaccine, according to the category that has priority in receiving the vaccine, and the person is notified by an SMS to confirm the date of the vaccine. The appointment for the vaccine can also be set through the “MHRS” application, you can also verify the appointment information via the “MHRS” app and "e_Nabız".

When going to receive the vaccine on the specified date, the information of the appointment holder must be shown through the "AŞİLA" application, where the vaccine is given after receiving the vaccine barcode and registering it with the health institution.

And since the vaccine is given in two doses, the appointment holder is notified of a later date to receive the second dose of the vaccine, and the appointment is confirmed via an SMS, the second appointment information can also be verified via the e_Nabız app.

After receiving both doses of the vaccine, the person receives an electronic vaccine card through the applications "Hayat Eve Sığar" and "e_Nabız".





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