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Most Popular supermarkets in Antalya

  • BIM supermarket

BIM spreads in whole Turkey with hundreds of branches. It offers varieties of consumer goods , and discounts are available on certain items every week. Hence, it has been the most popular market in Turkey. 

  • 101 supermarket

101 market is same as BIM and almost the same features, except that it is less spread. All what you requested goods are available in it food, cleaning materials and household appliances, also there are usually offers on clothes.

  • Shock supermarket

ŞOK Market is like bim, but smaller and is famous for its abundance of semi-daily offers and there are continuous discounts on the prices of vegetables and seasonal fruits.

  • Migros Supermarket

Migros supermarket or MIGROS, this supermarket has a good reputation in Turkey is famous for its large hall and the types of good brands that are available, moreover there is a wide variety of household items, vegetables, fruits, cheeses and dairy. Migros is distinguishes by the diversity of items it includes. In order to know how big the branch is, you only add the letter M before its name, for example, MIGROS is smaller than MM MIGROS as the number of Ms can reach 5, so that means that the branch is huge one and contains all your requirements.



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