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  • First Publish 21 Nov 2016
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expo Antalya 2016, Turkey

Expo A world International fair which Turkey has became a member since 2004, that succeeded to receive it in the year 2016, and working since 2007 to be ready to receive it in its capital tourism Antalya,With in the plans that worked by the Turkish government for promotion of this city, the participants in this exhibition are mainly state, government, associations, companies, institutions and bodies..

The establishment of these exhibitions are usually suitable for the development of several useful projects for the place which will be held in which the exhibition; for example, the establishment of the Paris Metro in 1900 and Metro Montreal in 1967, and the expansion of the Lisbon Metro 1998  and other projects, Several architectural achievements have been created on the occasion of this exhibition and later became symbols of their countries, such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and Alotomiom in Brussels, and the Space Needle in Seattle, Albyousefar in Montreal and other achievements…

Antalya is preparing as first Turkish city to receive the Expo 2016, which will support infrastructure and encourage attract investment in urban areas..

Which would later become a global symbol represented by its internationally, which in turn will lead to higher real estate prices and a widening investments significantly

The exhibition will be held on April 23 until October 30 on an area of 112 hectares to enjoy with Ataturk gardens,  conferences hall and big runway




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