• 20 Apr 2021
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What Are The Differences Between Purchase Contract and Title Deed

After approving the offer submitted by the construction company, a contract must be created between you and the company that owns the property. Once you sign your purchase offer, it is confirmed and documented so that both parties (buyer and seller) committ by the terms of this contract, and while you buy in one of Istanbul's residential compounds', for example, this contract is signed after paying only booking price to the property owner company, so that both parties agree to a price  and payment method.

There are some differences between purchase contract and the title deed or Tabu. The Tabu is a document that confirms your full ownership of the property, which authorizes you to completely dispose of the property, such as selling it, renting it out, or mortgaging it. The title deed can only be obtained after paying the price of the property in full, and those interested in owning property in the Istanbul compounds must know that some construction companies that provide the ability to pay in installments and receive the title deed after the first payment are in which the title deed is mortgaged to the construction company and cannot become free until after Payment is fully paid.

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