General Information About The Turkish Passport

Turkish passport is issued by the Turkish police and is valid for a period of 10 years from the date of issuance. It is carried by Turkish citizens and foreigners who acquired Turkish citizenship within special criteria. 

Recently, after the amendments issued by the Turkish government to grant Turkish citizenship to foreigners, foreign investors showed interest in obtaining citizenship in order to benefit from the advantages of  the Turkish passport.

In 2020 only, about 10 thousand foreign investors in Turkey obtained a Turkish passport by applying for Property Based Turkish citizenship, investing or employing 50 Turkish people.

What are the steps to apply for a Turkish passport, actually it is summarized as follows:

First of all, an appointment must be booked on the Turkish Personal Status Department website, meantime, before appointment's time, the cost of obtaining the passport must be paid through the Turkish Post Center PTT and the payment receipt must be maintained until appointment date.

The documents required to obtain a Turkish passport must also be prepared, which are:

A copy of the ID card

2 Biometric photos

Payment receipt from the PPT 

Residence proof document

Filling out the personal information on the application form

All documents must be applied to the Turkish Personal Status Department  on the specified date, after which the passport is sent to the address that was provided within a maximum period of one month.



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