Property Purchasing Steps in Turkey

After abolishing the reciprocity principle in 2012, the Turkish law has allowed foreigners from almost all nationalities to own properties in the Turkish territories  except areas close to military and strategic sites such as oil and energy stations, airports, sea ports, and others. A foreigner is also entitled to own more than one apartment, house, or land with a maximum area of ​​30 hectares.

As for Syrians, although property purchasing law in Turkey has excepted them, but it is available by other methods such as establishing a company and buy a property in its name, or by an agency for a trusted person with a foreign passport.

Apartment Buying steps in Turkey:

After contacting Turkeydar, and providing the buyer with appropriate offers that match his needs, an appointment is set to come in Turkey.

Turkerdar hosts the buyer and in the airport and arrive him to his residence.

After that, the company's sales officer organizes a tour for the customer to see the projects that have met his initial acceptance, in addition to  other projects in order to display more options. Where a detailed explanation of the property is provided, and sincere advice and advice are provided to him.

When the buyer chooses the suitable apartment, a sale contract is signed between him and the company that owns the apartment or the owner. The company's licensed attorney supervises the verification of the documents if necessary, and the buyer can also seek the assistance of his own lawyer.

After signing the contract, the buyer pays a down payment to the seller to reserve the apartment in his name, and the sales official in Turkeydar helps the customer to obtain a tax number, which is a number that given by Turkish authorities for every tourist or resident in Turkey in order to facilitate the official transactions necessary for him.

If needed , a bank account is opened for the buyer in one of the licensed banks in Turkey, in order to facilitate the transfer of the value of the apartment through the bank, and this requires translated passport copy as well as a proof of his permanent address in his home country.

It takes 2-5 days to register the property in buyer's name, which is the period required to obtain the real estate experience report.

In case of cash payment, the buyer transfers the total amount from his homeland to Turkey as the full value must be paid to seller upon his presence to receive his title deed.

In case of Installment payment, according to the initial purchase agreement after reserving the apartment, buyer must pay the advance payment at the time specified under the contract, and often within two weeks from the date of signing the contract.

After making the installment payments, the buyer must come within a short period to receive the title deed and the apartment key, the title deed of the property is delivered to the Land Department and Land Registry, in the presence of the two parties, in addition to a sworn translator to translate the information related to the property to the buyer in English or Arabic. then the title deed of the real estate is officially  delivered to the buyer by the employee of the department.

In case the purchased apartment is purchased exists within a compound or an ordinary building, and the compound or building has obtained military approval in advance, the customer can receive the title deed –tapu-  directly upon payment of the value, or upon payment of the last installment.

Requested Documents to complete the purchase transaction:

A copy of the buyer's passport.

Two biometric photos of the buyer.

A copy of the seller's title deed of the property, which will be transferred to the buyer later.

Buyer's tax number.

Real estate appraisal report for the property.

Other documents will be prepared by us. 

The buyer can assign a person to him to make the purchase, sign the contract, and then receive the title deed - the title deed in the case that it is not possible for him to personally come to Turkey, and this agency must be organized at the Turkish embassy in the buyer's country, or at the office of a notary in Turkey while the client is there. 



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