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Kepez District in Antalya

Kepez district is located north Antalya as it is the second largest suburb of Antalya province. 

It includes 60 neighborhoods, and seven villages, with charm nature beauty, it also includes a large number of industrial companies, facilities and institutions, due to its strong infrastructure and flexible transportation network. 

Kepez contains a large number of tourist attractions such as museums, parks and green forests, in addition to it is also famous by charming Duden Waterfall.

Tourist Attractions in Kepez:

Kepez forests:

These forests of Kepez attract excitement and adventure fans.

Most popular activities in the forests: Practice paintball or paintball.

As for horse riding enthusiasts, the forests include ample areas for horseback riding.

Furthermore, Kepez forests host bird exhibits that add excitement and fun.  

Duden Falls: 

Duden Waterfalls have strategic location, as it is located 12 kilometres northeastern Antalya. They consist of two waterfalls, Upper Düden Waterfalls and Lower Düden Waterfalls.

Moreover, there are many high-end restaurants surround the waterfalls, and provide high-quality services.

Kepez Zoo: 

It is considered one of the most famous and most important tourist areas in Antalya. 

Kepez Zoo includes stunning landscapes that can be strolled in and practiced various sports as well as approximately 856 animals of various kinds of animals including tigers, leopards, bears and kangaroos. 

  • What are the advantages of buying an apartment in Kepez, Antalya?

It is only 18 km from Antalya Airport

Accessibility of all amenities like schools, markets and hospitals

Tourist centers  that constitute attraction for tourists from all over the world

The region is tending to be the most important center of Antalya real estate

There are many large projects under construction in the region

Apartments match the conditions and laws of Turkish citizenship



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