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How To Apply For Property-Based Citizenship in Turkey

The file of naturalization in Turkey goes through many stages, What are these stages:
Lst's start with the first step, which is to buy a property worth 250 thousand US dollars, as seller must be a Turkish citizen. Also please note that when transferring the amount through the bank, the reason for purchase must be mentioned (this property was purchased in order to obtain Turkish citizenship) and the payment receipt must be preserved  and stamped by the buyer's bank, then the purchase value registered in the Tapu will be calculated according to the exchange rate of the Turkish lira in the Central Bank on the day the Tapu was obtained.
After that, the real estate valuation must be issued, by a specialized committee appointed by the Turkish government, so that the price mentioned in the evaluation should not exceed the price of the property, as the result of valuing the property must be worth 250,000 US dollars or more, and thus the property is registered in the title deed, then the property is seized for a period of three years, for not selling it and in order to obtain Turkish citizenship according to the law on granting citizenship to foreign investors in Turkey.
Here, the Ankara Tapu issues a document confirming the property buyer's entitlement to Turkish citizenship, and this document is sent to the e-mail address of the property buyer.
The owner of the property must apply for an investment residency by the Immigration Department, and he must go to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism to approve the application. After obtaining the accreditation and preparing the required papers within a file to be submitted to the Chamber of Commerce - Department of Foreign Investors - exclusively by hand or through a lawyer, the next day the investor is submitted to the Chamber of Commerce to obtain Turkish citizenship.
When the citizenship is issued, the investor and his family must go to the Civil Department . Here the investor must bring the following documents :
1- A copy of the property title deed in Turkey
2- Translating the passport of the property owner, the passport of the wife and children under the age of 18, into Turkish and the translated copies must be certified by a notary public (the notary).

3- A copy of the marriage contract.
4- Birth certificate for all family members.
5- A convict document for the owner of the property and his wife, to be extracted from Turkey.
6- A family statement document or a family book.
7- Four recent personal photos of all family members
Taking into account that all documents issued from outside Turkey must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country from which they are issued, in addition to being attested by the Turkish embassy or consulate in that home country.
If it is not possible to attest from the Turkish embassy in the country issuing the document, it must be attested by the embassy of this country in Turkey, and attested by the governor after its translation and attestation by the notary public.



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