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Buy property in Turkey

Buying property in Turkey

The process of buying a property in Turkey is very easy and uncomplicated start, where they can get the title through Yumen only by the law of property new in Turkey, which is very easy process of transfer of ownership and shortened a lot of time, so that by the old law must extract the approval by the Ministry of defense for each property to be sold to a foreigner and this procedure takes a month, but now it is enough to take someone one foreign approval military within a particular project so anyone can own property on the basis of the approval itself, and by the way, most of the listings in our company winning the approval of military and possible transfer of ownership which is immediate

Procedures for purchase of the property

Are greeted customers from the airport and take them car company to the hotel, and taking them to our projects to choose a suitable property, and when you find the right property is written contract between the purchaser and the owner and pay a deposit for an apartment and are the direct process of transferring ownership in the Real Estate Department of the city known as the Land Registry, the next day be the process of transfer of ownership and are ready to pay the full value of the property and the receipt of title immediately

Assistance of an interpreter is the use of a juror known by the Turkish government speak Arabic



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