Amendments Over Property Based Nationality Obtaining Law

On Tuesday 23/3/2021, the Turkish government issued important amendments over the law on obtaining property based citizenship to a foreigners, after it monitored some cases in which the law was circumvented to obtain citizenship and other cases in which people were defrauded after obtaining citizenship.


Not to allow the sale of the property after its foreign owner obtained Turkish citizenship to a Turkish citizen and after him to a citizen of the same nationality as the original property owner.

Where the Citizenship Law allows a foreigner to own a property for the owner of the property to sell it after 3 years, whether it is to a foreigner or to a Turkish citizen.


When a foreigner obtains Turkish citizenship by owning a property and decides to sell the property after 3 years to a foreign person, the buyer will not benefit from the law of obtaining citizenship by owning a property. Since the Turkish government noticed some cases of exploitation of the law of obtaining citizenship by owning a property in this way, and for this it issued this important amendment.


After a foreigner buys a property with the amount required to obtain the citizenship, and he get it , he cannot sell the property after 3 years to the same seller from whom he bought the property, whether it is a person or a company.


If it is discovered that incorrect or forged identification documents have been used in the file of applying for Turkish citizenship for a foreigner to own a property, then the file will be canceled or the nationality will be canceled if he had obtained it.

These were the most important amendments stipulated in the issued law, for more information you can contact Turkeydar and get real estate advice.



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